Federal Branch Bulletin 2015

1st December, 2015

Volume 13, Number 4: December 2015

Welcome to the final Federal Branch Bulletin for 2015. Federal Council starts their Christmas break on Friday December 19 and will resume February 2, 2016. We would like to wish each and every ICPA member a happy Christmas and best wishes for the year ahead.

Fed Branch Bulletin December 2015

9th November, 2015

Volume 13, Number 3: October 2015

Did you know that ICPA is now on Twitter and Telstra offer ICPA members discounts on some hardware? If not, you need to have a read of our October Branch Bulletin!

Fed Branch Bulletin October 2015

7th October, 2015

Volume 13, Number 2: September 2015 This month includes some important information for all ICPA members regarding your Tertiary Access experiences as well as an update on what your Federal Council have been up to lately!

Fed Branch Bulletin September 2015

25th August, 2015

Volume 13, Number 1: August 2015
Don't miss out on the latest news from Federal Council!   Conference news, our new Federal Councillors and State Conference dates are just some of the important information in our latest bulletin! 

Fed Branch Bulletin August 2015

2nd July, 2015

Volume 12, Number 9: June 2015 The latest Federal Branch Bulletin contains important information on the upcoming Federal Conference, Centrelink Online Estimator, the Australian Government Regional Telecommunications Review, Mobile Black Spot Programme ... and the question 'Have you thought about becoming a Federal Councillor?'

Fed Branch Bulletin June 2015

2nd July, 2015

Volume 12, Number 8 May 2015: This month's Branch Bulletin has some great information on the upcoming Federal Conference; the 2015-2016 Federal Budget; the Nanny Pilot Progam; options for claiming AIC; a My School Website update ... and much more!

Fed Branch Bulletin May 2015

2nd July, 2015

Volume 12 Number 7: April 2015: Our April Branch Bulletin provides important information on the upcoming Federal Conference as well as a valuable link providing details of the current Federal Ministers. Check it out today!

Fed Branch Bulletin April 2015

17th March, 2015

Volume 12, Number 6: March 2015 contains Federal Council news including the round table for the Reform of the Federal White Paper; Federal conference news; NBN developements; Youth Allowance and news from Federal Treasurer and Pedals.

Fed Branch Bulletin March 2015

12th February, 2015

Volume 12, Number 5: February 2015 contains updates on NBN matters; a Drawing competition for kids with NBN's satellite; Yagi and Smart antenna; university survival guide for rural and regional students; training complaints hotline and a new documentary to focus on students with dyslexia.

Fed Branch Bulletin February 2015

14th January, 2015

A new years letter from our Federal President, Judy Newton.

Fed Branch Bulletin January 2015